QuickHMI version 5 Cheetah

Excellent System for data visualization
Now, with direct browser support

Keep it simple and use this allround talent of system visualization to create your SCADA/HMI systems. QuickHMI offers you a wide range of possibilities: Based on drag & drop functionality this new software allows you to visualize multiple and complex functions of your machines and facilities. Control and manage your projects any time cross-platform. Using our innovative HTML-Manager you can also implement individual designs or scriptings in just a few steps.

Run your project in a browser, Android-App or desktop application for windows, linux or MacOS with one click.

Modern system visualization - quick and easy - with QuickHMI Cheetah.

Ready to create Industrial 4.0 applications

QuickHMI one of the Best of the german innovation Prize "Initiative Mittelstand" IT 2016 and 2017 in the category "System Management".





Platform independent

Run your project directly on a browser or use the QuickHMI player which is available for all common operating systems like Linux, Windows, MacOSX and Android. QuickHMI is executable on 32 aswell as 64bit machines.

Secure encrypted communication

QuickHMI follows highest standards of security. All communications between server and client are encrypted dynamically.

Using the browser to show your visualization the communication will be encrypted by SSL as you know from online banking. You can use a standard or your own certificate to secure your communication.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop elements from the toolbox onto your project and connect them with variables.

Unlimited extension possibilities

Thanks to the usage of HTML and JavaScript QuickHMI can be extended almost unlimitedly. More complex visualization and dynamic data linking are possible with the innovative HTML5-Manager in conjunction with the JavaScript-Manager.

Graphics for any application

The supplied software package contains 2.000 vector graphics based in HTML5. Extensions can be enabled with the Plugin-Manager.

On-the-Fly-Switching between editor and runtime mode

Thanks to On-The-Fly-Switching between editor and runtime mode you can see your results instantly.

Alarm reporting system

The alarm system registers defined Info-, Warning- or Errormessages and displays them to the user. If you're using the android version you'll also receive notifications.


QuickHMI is not only multilingual itself, but also supports multilingual projects. Translation text can be managed in the Translationtext editor.

User friendly step-by-step tutorials

Get to know QuickHMI with our step-by-step tutorials. Also check our youtube chanel for video tutorials.

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