QuickHMI Gazelle R5

Critical vulnerability in Java library log4j

Web-based Scada / HMI system

QuickHMI is a 100% web-based SCADA / HMI system.
Thanks to modern web technologies such as HTML5, SVG and Javascript the visualization can be shown in any current browser and device. As an alternative to the browser, a "standalone viewer" and a mobile app are available.

QuickHMI is very easy scalable from small projects using the Raspberry Pi up to visualization of large facilities.

The eighth version of the visualization software includes not only further workflow optimization and internal fine-tuning.
It also offers powerful new tools that allow you to visualize it more independently, more individually and faster.

Visualize what you want

If the extensive controls and functions provided are not sufficient for you, you can create your own graphic elements based on SVG according to your requirements and bind the objects to your data. If necessary custom functions can be implemented using JavaScript.

You can find the documentation on SVG controls under the following link: SVG Controls

Uncomplicated data provision

Another feature is the creation and editing of your variables in text format.
Due to the csv format used, the variable lists can also be easily edited using Excel.

The documentation on the topic Text view of variables can be found under the following link: Variables in text view

Forget runtime license costs

With QuickHMI we offer you a very comprehensive and innovative engineering tool at a fair price.
Do not worry about follow-up costs for runtime licenses. QuickHMI licenses the development system but not the runtime environment.
Simply create your QuickHMI projects in any number and size and benefit from the ease of calculation and scalability within your projects.

For purely private use, we offer the free Community Edition and the extensible Private Edition.

An online demo project can be found herea little off-line demo project can be downloaded via this link.

Video Tutorials

To help you work effectively with our products, we provide a in our YouTube channel couple of tutorials.
If you use our products for the first time or if you already have experience with them - our tutorials gives you important information to support you while working with QuickHMI.
We record new videos randomly, so check this site frequently.



effective, innovative and cross platform
[Feature Overview]

Platform independent

Run your project directly on a browser or use the QuickHMI player which is available for all common operating systems like Linux, Windows, MacOSX and Android.
QuickHMI is executable on 64bit operating systems.

Secure encrypted communication

QuickHMI follows highest standards of security. All communications between server and client are encrypted dynamically.

Using the browser to show your visualization the communication will be encrypted by SSL as you know from online banking. You can use a standard or your own certificate to secure your communication.

Compatible with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript enable you to create self defined features and even control elements.

Scalable and flexible

Visualize and control projects of any size. From small machines and private home automatisation to large facilities.

Thanks to its software architecture QuickHMI is suitable for any of these applications.

Extensive compatibility

Compatible to S7-controllers (200, 300, 400, 1200, 1500, LLogo!0BA7 and Logo!0BA8 and SoftSPS WinAC RTX) aswell as CPUs of other manufacturers.

Control and visualization of Allen-Bradley "Control Logix" or "Compact Logix" controllers via Ethernet / IP protocol

Support of Beckhoff TwinCAT2, TwinCAT3, Modbus, MQTT and OPC interfaces.

Native access of EIB/KNX bus systems.

Visualization of contents from common databases aswell as content of files.

Comfortable integrated recipe management

With QuickHMI Recipe management tool assign any parameter for your project and transmit them directly from your visualization to your running system.

All recipe can be optionally protected by user login.

Interfaces for external data supply

Output data to external databases or into the filesystem for any purpose.

User management

With the integrated user control you can give certain rights to specific users. This way you can controlwho is able to perform certain actions or view the project altogether.


Trendings enable you to display machine or facility information. Live trending is also supported.

Cost-effective and easy licensing

Straightforward licensing system. Please see the tab Licenses for further information.


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