QuickHMI Request support or report an error

Need help and technical support while using the QuickHMI software? Our support team is at your side.
If you only have a comment or want to report a bug and do not require personal attention, of course the message is free.
Owners of an active maintenance plan receive free priority support during our office hours in case of problems using the QuickHMI system. Users without an active maintenance plan will be charged a flat rate for processing support requests.
For processing a support request without a maintenance plan we calculate:
  • for commercial users 120,00€ including VAT.
  • for private users 59,00€ excluding VAT.

If it turns out that a software error is the reason for triggering the request for support, payment for that will be refunded or credited back support request.
Please note:
  • There is a personal assistance by a team viewer session.
  • The processing of a defined problem or assistance with a defined question occurs.
  • As part of a support request, there is no extensive training, you are welcome to book our basic training or individual training.
With submission of the support request, the customer will not incur any costs. The process is only for the transmission of the request and leads to the sending of a written offer.