QuickHMI Change log

You want to know what has happened in the different updates of QuickHMI and which features and functions have been added? Then you will find an update chronicle here.

Version Gazelle Beta 9.0.10 (15.04.2021)

- Problem with S7 driver fixed.
- When closing a project, menu items were greyed out that should not be greyed out.
- Value picker always displayed a colour picker for constant values, even if it was not a colour value.
- Fixed an error that caused the server not to find the appropriate OPC UA endpoint.



Version Gazelle Beta 9.0.9 (14.04.2021)

- Selection of QuickHMI elements (variables, properties, etc.) in rule and action windows revised. [https://www.quickhmi.com/help_quickhmi/v91/en/rules.html]
- Browsing nodes of an OPC UA data source was only possible in anonymous mode. Now Sign and SignAndEncrypt also work as expected.
- Modbus data sources without activated read optimisation caused an error under certain circumstances.
- Importing audio files was not possible.
- Sensor control element colour change on triggering.
- If the Viewer disconnected when a user was logged in, the status bar turned red even if the connection was successfully re-established.


Version Gazelle Beta 9.0.5 (09.03.2021)

- OPC UA endpoint browser did not allow for a selection.
- OPC UA driver did not always correctly reconnect after a connection loss.


Version Gazelle Beta 9.0.2 (04.02.2021)

- Data sources can be deactivated.
- Email template cooldown time.
- Problems when starting the runtime from the RuntimeManager.
- TwinCAT strings were read and written in reversed character order in some cases.
- Desktop Viewer could not be started under Windows with the specified start parameters.


Version 8.8.4 (17.03.2021)

- Conditions that check against an empty string.
- With the user logged in, the status bar of the viewer remained red after a reconnect.


Version 8.8.3 (09.03.2021)

- OPC UA high CPU usage after reconnect.


Version 8.8.2 (05.03.2021)

- OPC UA library unnecessarily required JRE 12. Now back top JRE 1.8.


Version 8.8.1 (04.03.2021)

- CSV export of the alarm view at runtime.
- OPC UA data source did not always reconnect correctly after a connection loss.


Version 8.7.5 (04.02.2021)

- ITwinCAT strings were read and written in reversed character order in some cases.
- Desktop Viewer could not be started under Windows with the specified start parameters.


Version 8.7.4 (27.11.2020)

- Alarm notifications on multiple Android devices.


Version 8.7.3 (26.11.2020)

- Possibility, to ignore the warning message when using a not officially supported browser.
  >> Ignore browser warning message
- Connection problems to TwinCAT controllers at runtime.


Version 8.7.2 (18.11.2020)

- If there are several slaves on one bus, the failure of one slave no
  longer causes error messages on all slaves.
- S7: Error message "BAD_WRITE_ERROR undefined: -125" when writing S7-Strings.


Version 8.7.1 (23.10.2020)

- Adjustable time between requests (query pause) to a Modbus RTU data source.
- Automatic reconnection of the OPC UA data source on timeout.
- OPC UA query interval was transmitted incorrectly.
- Right click action did not work in all browsers.
- When editing default values for properties of SVG controls, they were not
  automatically displayed in the preview.
- Runtime error messages triggered by extensions.

Version 8.6.9 (25.09.2020)

- Problem with SVG with multiple actions.
- Problems with reaching the maximum size of a chart database (values were set to 0).


Version 8.6.8 (21.09.2020)

- Display problem with the "Sensor" control element.
- Tooltip was not or incorrectly displayed for several controls.
- The Console RuntimeManager displayed a wrong version number.
- Property "PositionX" could not be changed at runtime.
- Error when setting color values from scripts.
- Errors with scripts that have the same name as a page in the project.


Version 8.6.6 (15.07.2020)

- Minor bug fixes


Version 8.6.5 (13.07.2020)

- “Check" button in SVG definition window removed.
   The validity of the input is now automatically checked on every change.
  >> SVG controls
- Changing the “width” and “height” properties via the property manager did not always work.
- Chart shows some values as "NaN".
- Display error with SVGs using links within a SVG.
- OPC UA structure members can now be imported.
- OPC UA read interval can now be adjusted.
- OPC UA UnknownHost Exception bypassed if DNS resolution of hostname is missing.
- Error when deleting scripts which caused problems with the order of the scripts.
- Error when starting/stopping the server under Linux using the console.

Version 8.6.4 (12.06.2020)

- Error when installing dependencies (Visual C++ redistributable).
- Click event was not always triggered on touch devices.
- Error message "Server startup takes longer than expected" was displayed misleadingly.


Version 8.6.3 (03.06.2020)

- Control element: Multi-line text box >> "MultilineTextbox" properties
- Freezing of variable values from a certain number of active alarms.
- Under certain circumstances, when changing properties of pipes and conveyors in the Editor,
  the properties of other pipes and conveyors on other pages were also changed
- The control elements "LightButton" and "LightRoundButton" sometimes did not toggle correctly.
- Views created in a new project were not displayed immediately.
- Incorrect path for imported TwinCAT structure members.


Version 8.6.1 (15.05.2020)

- Property "ShowEditorOverlay" for HTML boxes >> HtmlBox properties
- Property "WordWrap" for Label >> Label properties
- Possibility to wrap the text in labels with "Shift+Enter"
- License made deactivatable. If a hardware upgrade or system change is planned
  (license is bound to hardware signature of a computer), the license can now be
  deactivated by yourself, so that it can be used on a new system.
  >> Editor / License information
- Error when reading Modbus UInt variables
- Error when reading S7 Date/Data_And_Time variables
- Error that caused elements to be displaced after reloading the project
- Due to obsolete C++ components in setups, an installation on Windows 10 systems from 1909
  onwards was no longer possible. Setups now receive updated C++ components.
- Signature of setups adapted to support older Windows 7 systems


Version 8.5.1 (23.04.2020)

- Support of structures and multidimensional arrays for AllenBradley controllers.
- Occasional loss of connection to the server fixed (SESSION_ENDPOINT_MISMATCH)
- When clicking on an alarm with a navigation target, the target was not displayed correctly.
- Error when copying lines, which caused inserted lines to be the wrong size.
- Error when loading charts.

Version 8.4.4 (30.03.2020)

- Error with S7 controllers when using the read optimization "AUTO" which caused long reading times.
- Fixed a bug in the viewer that caused the login mask to flicker when the server was restarted.

Version 8.4.3 (25.03.2020)

- Variables of the datatypes Date, DateTime, Date_And_Time, Time and TimeOfDay caused high
  CPU usage if no formatting was specified.
- Faulty login requests caused high CPU usage.
- Modbus string variables are only read up to the first zero byte.

Version 8.4.2 (18.03.2020)

- Minor bug fixes

Version 8.4.1 (16.03.2020)

- New formatting for textboxes and labels  >> Textbox properties
- Input of textboxes can now be checked for Min/Max values aswell as regular expressions
- On-screen keyboard for textboxes  >> On-screen keyboard  >> Starting runtime
- Support of the Siemens Logo 0AB0
- Error messages from data sources in the runtime window of the editor  >> Error messages loading screen
- Error messages from data sources in the Runtime Manager  >> Error messages Runtime Manager
- Input fields of properties had lost their focus when using arrow keys.

Version 8.3.2 (24.02.20)

- Database, filesystem and TwinCat data soruces were still using the name instead of their address.
- Float / Real variables of S7 data sources were faulty.

Version 8.3.1 (06.02.2020)

- Rules that are unreachable due to missing conditions are highlighted.
- Datatypes for data sources OPC, Database and Filesystem.
- The selected character set was not considered when calculating the string length for S7
  and Modbus data sources
- Elements in the editor could not be moved or only with difficulty when zooming in on a page
- Control “RadialGauge” only allowed integer values
- When compression was deactivated, the runtime did not start when SVG controls were used
- MQTT topics did not allow slashes to be entered
- MQTT import caused the editor to crash when the root node was browsed
- A sub view of a page could not be used as the default view
- Variables of integer data types are now displayed with decimal places if the value was manipulated
  after being received from the PLC
- Apostrophes in variable names caused the crash of the rule processing during runtime
- Properties „Height“ und „Width“ didn’t update when changing the size of an element using the mouse.
- Missing datatype „UByte“ added to Modbus data source.

Version 8.2.7 (19.12.2019)

- General bug fixes

Version 8.2.6 (18.12.2019)

- Cannot set rules and actions
- Error that prevented QuickHMI is starting on the server operating system.

Version 8.2.5 (17.12.2019)

-Error when creating data sources with right click in the project explorer
-Bugfix Use of definitions in SVG controls
-Problems loading private licenses

Version 8.2.4 (10.12.2019)

- Error starting the editor when starting with dongle

Version 8.2.3 (06.12.2019)

- The Modbus WriteFunction is configurable for coils and registers (F06/F16 or F05/F15)
- The Modbus WriteFunction is configurable for coils and registers (F06/F16 or F05/F15)
- Error loading language settings

Version 8.2.2 (02.12.2019)

- The runtime in the editor might not start if a private license was used
- Modbus master byte order "BA_DC" and "CD_AB"

Version 8.2.1 (29.11.2019)

- The KNX address 0 was not accepted
- OPC UA Problems using security mode "None" and user token "Username"

Version 8.1.2 (27.11.2019)

- Default port of the runtime for the community version is now 6063
- Default port of the runtime for the non-community versions is now 6064
- The USB dongle has led to crashes
- The name to which the license was issued was not displayed when using a USB dongle
- The RuntimeManager dont´t issue an error message when entering an incorrect password for a certificate
- The RuntimeManager ran slowly until a project was imported
- Image controls were displayed twice after creation