Status variables

In QuickHMI, from version Gazelle, you can display the status of data sources in the visualization.

For each data source created, corresponding system variables are automatically created in the background.

  • ds_“Name Der Datenquelle“_last_read_status

Type: String / Status message of the last read operation

  • ds_“Name Der Datenquelle“_last_read

Type: DataTime / Timestamp of the last read operation

  • ds_“Name Der Datenquelle“_ status

Type: String / General status of the data source

  • ds_“Name Der Datenquelle“_is_running

Type: Boolean / Is the data source running or not / True or False

The status variables can now be used like all variables in QuickHMI. For example, a breaker button can be used to indicate

whether a data source is running or not. For this purpose, a rule must be created for the control.

As variable "System" must be selected here since the system variables are to be accessed. Then select the desired status variable.

So, a rule was created on the property "On" of the control, which displays the status "ds_webservice_is_running" of the Webservice variable.

These variables are read-only -> So, they cannot be written.

Switching the data source is therefore not possible with this.