E-mail function

In QuickHMI, you have the option of sending automatic e-mails when, for example, variable values change, alarms are triggered, or interacted with controls.

To create and set up e-mails, klick on "E-mail" in the Project explorer. Create a new e-mail (E-mail template).

First, name the e-mail under "Common" (Connection data) and set the “Cooldown”. Then enter the login data for the SMTP server from which the e-mail is to be sent.

A more detailed explanation of the *Cooldown can be found at the end of the “Sending e-mail by activating alarms” chapter.

>> Sending e-mail by activating alarms

Under "Message" you formulate the actual message with subject. At least one subject is necessary to send an e-mail.

For formatting the text (e.g. bold, italics, color etc.), you must activate HTML via checkbox. Then you can format the text by using HMTL tags.

It is important that if HTML is deactivated, the tags must also be removed again, otherwise they will be written out as plain text.

Then select the addresses under "Addressing" (from, to, CC, BCC). Several addresses are separated by a comma.

To check your entries, you can send a test message at any time.

If all entries have been made, confirm with "Add" to save the e-mail template. This template can now be used to automatically

send an e-mail when certain events occur.  To do this, first a “Trigger” must be specified. An e-mail can be sent on events of a

control element (for example when a button is clicked), when a variable value is changed, and when an alarm is activated.

>> Sending e-mail by control events

>> Sending e-mail by variable change

>> Sending e-mail by activating alarms

>> Placeholders